About CosmoDoggo

What CosmoDoggo is about

If you are here, it's probably because you want to know more about CosmoDoggo.

Maybe even who we are, just to be sure we are not a scam. Good call.

Let's make it short. CosmoDoggo is a search marketing agency specialising in SEO and PPC.

A passion for Search Marketing

We are super passionate about SEO and Paid Search. We help your company dominate your market through these amazing channels. 

Forget about the outdated, nonsense strategies hawked by the average agency.

You know what you want and we will help you reach it. We align our work to your objectives. We help you get a nice ROI.


We ask a ton of questions. We challenge the status quo. We deliver results that are measurable. We're always ready to test. 

A rowdy crew of do-ers

Pierre Le Poulain, founder of CosmoDoggo Agency

Pierre Le Poulain

Loves SEO, PPC & questionable at photoshop

Lorenzo Trevisio profile picture

Lorenzo Trevisio

Addicted to numbers and data

Less Bark. More bite

Forget about endless ideas and what-if. We are do-ers, we execute, we move fast and do things right. 

Having an ego never led anyone anywhere. Jargon never led anyone to better results. When you work with us, you’re our partner, not our client. Communication is straightforward. We just want to get you results. From day one.

If you are looking for a digital-full-stack-ninja-champion-know-it-all agency, well, bad new : this is not us. We just do a few services because we are sure how to do them well. 

Lets outsmart your competition

Let your brand reach orbit. Contact us. We don't bite.